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Musical Film Program

This class engages students in the application of creating a short film-based performance inspired by a musical. Over the course, movement styled projects, acting techniques, and voice development are devised for these students. Each month will have a specific rehearsal process, collaboration exercise and recording sessions with all the technical things that come with filmmaking. This newly developed program at The Actor Academy will primarily focus on the study of dance, song, Acting and most importantly, Cinematography. With the help of well-experienced teachers, students will capture a sense of what it requires to be a part of the entertainment industry for musicals on film.


We want students to learn how to evoke emotions, play with objectives/tactics/obstacles in the acting section. We want to teach them how to better move their bodies and create their own choreography. Practice how to better improve their own natural voice and sing as an ensemble and as an individual.



Students completing the Broadway for Film program should be able to:

• Create convincing, ompelling characters performed with vocal, physical, and emotional specificity.

• Perform a variety of musical styles with a synthesis of acting, singing, and movement skills.

• Present a professional audition music portfolio, containing historical and contemporary styles, and a variety of music theatre sub-genres.

• Utilize healthy vocal techniques.

• Perform harmonies based on professional ensemble work.

•Apply standard entertainment industry business practices regarding preparation, communication, and professionalism.

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