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- It is an intensive Camp where they will learn the different phases of pre-production, production and post-production of two scenes for your video reel. Teaches Content Analysis, on camera acting techniques, how to adjust your performance to the frame. Finishing with the recording of two scenes, which will allow the acting ranges of drama and comedy.

- A high quality scene will be provided, which will be recorded in HD format by a professional Crew. 

- Instead of waiting for footage, we are going to write, shoot, edit, and deliver professionally filmed scenes, tailor-made for you. 

- You can choose comedic or dramatic scenes to film which are written for the actor(s). Each scene is roughly 1 min and you can choose whatever combination of dramatic and comedic that you’d like. 

- 2 Scenes (Original or Replica Scenes)  ( 1 monologue - 1 Scene )
- 1:00-2:00 min total run time.
- Up to a 2 page script for each scene.
-  5 hour shoot.
-  Writing, Production & Editing.


READER – We provide a reader for your scene. 
HAIR & MAKE-UP – Our hair and make-up artist will make sure you look great before you shoot.
POST PRODUCE – We will color correct & post produce your scene giving it that finished look.
UPLOAD – We will send or upload your demo to wherever you need it.
EDITING – Our editor can add your new footage to your existing reel for an additional charge.

TIME: (9:00 am to 4:00 pm)

AGES:  (9 to 12 yo) (13 to 17)

DATES: (June 19 / June 30) 

INVESTMENT:           $ 580.00 per week


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