Acting and Emotional Intelligence

JUNE-JULY 28/29/30/1/2 One Week


Through the Evolution Summer Camp participants will be able to analyze their strengths and areas of development. They will learn to love and appreciate themselves by recognizing their uniqueness and their many skills and abilities. They will become more aware of their communication style, and how this affects or support their relationship with others.

Presenting our best self through appropriate appearance, effective verbal and non-verbal communication will leave a positive lasting impression anywhere we go.

In summary, the camp will hone in many relevant soft skills that are necessary for kids and teens, to help them be well prepared to successfully rise above any challenges presented to them, socially and emotionally.


Monday - Self esteem

What do you know about yourself. What is Self-Love? How does self-esteem impact your life? What is the well-being that causes self-esteem? Your self-esteem with your body language. Setting and achieving goals building success and self-esteem. Positive attitude. Assertiveness. Confident speaker. Steps to increase your self-esteem


Tuesday - Self confidence

Learn how to portrait yourself according to different circumstances and situations.Use self-confidence as a projection tool. Learn how to use self-confidence as a presentation tool to others. How to get presence through a correct speech. Personality is the key to success.You will learn how to position yourself in different situations and circumstances. We will practice personality development exercises. Activities to practice with your peers.


Wednesday - Communication & Projection

Body Language / Poses for the camera. Learn how to use your voice.Learn correct speaking techniques as a presenter. Inflection of the voice- Including pitch, tone and speed. How to improvise effectively. You will practice been interviewed and interviewing others; in diverse scenarios involving verbal communication skills. Your 90 seconds elevator pitch. Use body language as your letter of presentation. Correct body language for presentations and daily living


Thursday - Emotional Intelligence 

Emotions Control. Learning form them. Conflict Resolution Techniques.How to read people’s emotions. Identify your stressors. How to recognize your emotions through physical signs. Manage your expressions- Wearing your emotions? Allow yourself to feel your emotions. Learn to respond to difficult situations and comments. Things you can/can’t control.


Friday- Soft Skills

Problem Solving and Resilience. Leadership and Team works/ Conflict resolution/ Empathy.Resilience and Problem Solving. What is leadership? Can I be a leader? What about a team?. Conflict- How it occurs? How I can deflate it? Negotiating outcomes?. Listening skills. How important is empathy in building strong relationships?. Practice scenarios.


Hours of operation:

Supervised Camp Activities/ Classes 9:00 am to 4:00 pm


10-18 Years


Tuition: $250.00 per week

Weekly. Non-refundable fee of $65 at time of registration. Please call or email us to request the application.

Prices do not include lunch or snacks. No refunds or credits. Payments only with credit cards, check payable to Same Tag Television Arts Group. One Week full payment. required.