JULY 5/6/7/8/9 week 1

JULY 12/13/14/15/16 week 2


TAA's Filmmaking Boot Camp takes students through the entire filmmaking process in just two weeks. All students write, direct and edit one film, and work as crew, providing them the opportunity to work as a Director of Photography, Sound Technician, or Production Assistant.

The first 2 days of the 1st week are spent learning the fundamentals of filmmaking with separate classes in screenwriting, directing technique, and cinematography. By the the end of the 1st week and during the 2nd students are "in production" making their films in small crews of filmmakers along with several actors from the acting program.

By the end of the second week with an introduction to professional editing software students edit their films and are critiqued in class by their instructors. At the final Friday showcase, all the movies are screened in the theater at the weekly Friday night showcase for the entire camp.


Week 1

Monday - Writing

They learn fundamentals of three-act structure, and workshop their script.


Tuesday - Pre Production

The design characters, casting process. Make up and Wardrobe. Set design.


Wednesday - Directing Class

They learn the basic of film language, camera placement, and shot construction.Technical camera. Lights and sound.


Thursday - Friday -Production

They film the short.


Week 2


Monday - Tuesday

Shooting Day


Wednesday -Thursday- Editing

 They learn to edit on Adobe Premiere digital editing systems and Apple basic editing system.


Friday- Screening  

At the final Friday showcase, all the movies are screened in the studio for the entire camp.


Hours of operation:

Supervised Camp Activities/ Classes 9:00 am to 4:00 pm


13-18 Years


Tuition: $350.00 per week

Weekly. Non-refundable fee of $65 at time of registration. Please call or email us to request the application.

Prices do not include lunch or snacks. No refunds or credits. Payments only with credit cards, check payable to Same Tag Television Arts Group. One Week full payment. required.