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The Actor Academy is a Miami Dade County Public Schools Internship provider!

What is an Internship? 
Hands-on learning and skills development with real-world work experience under the guidance  and supervision of supportive adults who have relevant knowledge and skills in their field. Internships are critically important for young people as they prepare them for life after high school. An  internship that provides a rich learning environment sends an important message to students that learning and earning are intrinsically related.
Many of the students available for interning have begun training in skills for careers that  align to the “Target Industries” as identified in the “One Community One Goal” strategy. Acting Lesson is the best strategy.

Our students are the future and we need your help to prepare them to be their best!  Developing young talent is one of the smartest decisions a business can make. Career path  decisions are made early, so when you hire high school students now, you create a pathway back  to your business for future employees.

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