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Course Content:


Each class will be 1 hour and 35 minutes- 1.3 hour of content information and activities that support the learning. The remaining is practice of runway or posing. Through Acting lesson you can perform with confidence.


We will work:



Body & Mind:

We will work on your self confidence by giving you challenges and exercises, that will end in runway practice Character Building.



In this course we are going to give you the tools to really become an expert in how to use your body on the catwalk. We are going to see how to carry each part of the body correctly, how to develop attitude, posture and line on the catwalk.

Saturday  1:00pm - 2:30pm - Doral

Monday    6:00pm - 7:30pm - Weston

 Price $165.00 per month


- Posing casual

 -Posing swimwear

 -Formal/gala wear

 -Accessories only



- Communication (verbal and body language)

 -Interview skills

 -Public speaking

 -Improv communication



- Makeup: Simple, everyday look

- Makeup: Glam Look

 -Hair for everyday style

 -Runway looks



- Pageantry Preparation

- Pageantry Preparation

- Ready to be a master of ceremony

- Ready for a TV/Radio show



- Designers Latin America/ North America

- Designers Europe/other regions

- Create your Channel look

- Create your favorite’s designer look 




- Wardrobe/ Style: What to wear based on body shape, heights, skin color etc.

- Wardrobe: Bring your style

- Accessories: To complement your look

- Fashion Show preparation



- Casting fashion show

- How to get booked

- Videos




- Refinement/ Posture: Seating/ Moving accordingly

-Etiquette: Table manners

- Etiquette: Communicating effectively 

- Etiquette: Do’s and Don’ts 

Extra Sessions 


- Practice Runway

 -Practice Photoshoot

 -Activity- Visit Designer

 -Activity- Mini Shoot

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