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10 Years of Tradition

History & Heritage

Initially named Same Tag Television Arts Group, The Actor Academy was founded in Miami, Florida, in  2012 by former actress and TV director Maria Eugenia Perera. We have created a unique education  proposal different from all other acting schools.


Our teaching method seeks to train actors to develop tools that meet the expectations of any network.  We take inspiration from acting models of companies such as Nickelodeon and Disney which  specialize in children and teen productions. Our programs cover various genres and styles from  Sitcom, Standup, and Sketch Comedy to Action, Horror, and Drama. We incorporate a generous range  of acting techniques from Organic to Over-the-top.  

Training and Philosophy


Maria has designed our programs based on her experience and knowledge as a TV director for over  three decades. She voiced, "Over the years I realized that each network has a particular production finger print a defined brand. Actors can make mistakes because their technique is not aligned with the style of the production. Every network knows what works for them commercially". 

We specialize in new fusions of acting tendencies, which are present in current popular network  productions. These new tendencies mix sitcoms with more serious genres. We are the only school in  Miami that trains in an innovative style and has 24+ young Actors working for the most significant  Network and production companies in the world. Our alumni have enjoyed successful careers in TV  Networks such as Nickelodeon, Disney, Fox, Telemundo, NBC, and Netflix. 


Founder and owner of Same Tag Television and Group in 2012 and The Actor Academy in 2020. Originally from Caracas, Venezuela.
Maria graduated from New Profession Institute in 1992 with a Mayor in Marketing and Advertising. In 1998 she gratuated from Central University of Venezuela with a degree in psychology.

In 1998 Maria moves to USA. She specialized in training and professional development at the University of Miami in 2000 and later in Film Directing Techniques at the New York Film Academy in 2007.

Maria has over 33 years of experience in the TV industry, having produced over 28 soap operas, 11 music videos, and 5 children's comedies, all for large networks such as Univisión, Telemundo, and Nickelodeon. 
Maria has a very succes

Maria E Perera
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