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Lack confidence, shy or anxious kid?

"My daughter Sophia spent the first part of her life being too shy. She was acutely self-conscious and felt as if she was trapped in a box. She was always on the sidelines, watching other kids participating and enjoying themselves.

She desperately wanted to get out of that box and join them. But she didn’t know how.

As mom.. I got to the point when I HAD TO DO SOMETHING ABOUT IT!"..that's the moment that I discover THE ACTOR ACADEMY

Ana Sophia Lee

Shyness is learned or adapted behavior, and therefore, can be unlearned.

It is most commonly the result of painful experiences that have caused you to shut down and to retreat into your shell.

Many introverts become shy, like Sophia, because of the social pressures that are put on them by other people – to be more social, more outgoing, more of a team player. If you are not able to play the social game, you are simply ignored or excluded. If you’ve had enough of these experiences, you very quickly become shy.

Overcoming shyness is not going to happen overnight and needs determination and commitment to unlearn that behavior. But it can be achieved much quicker and easier than you would think. Certainly a lot quicker than most other methods that don’t do anything to dissolve your shyness. She did it and the last thing that people think I am now is too shy.