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Lack confidence, shy or anxious kid?

"My daughter Sophia spent the first part of her life being too shy. She was acutely self-conscious and felt as if she was trapped in a box. She was always on the sidelines, watching other kids participating and enjoying themselves.

She desperately wanted to get out of that box and join them. But she didn’t know how.

As mom.. I got to the point when I HAD TO DO SOMETHING ABOUT IT!"..that's the moment that I discover THE ACTOR ACADEMY

Ana Sophia Lee

Shyness is learned or adapted behavior, and therefore, can be unlearned.

It is most commonly the result of painful experiences that have caused you to shut down and to retreat into your shell.

Many introverts become shy, like Sophia, because of the social pressures that are put on them by other people – to be more social, more outgoing, more of a team player. If you are not able to play the social game, you are simply ignored or excluded. If you’ve had enough of these experiences, you very quickly become shy.

Overcoming shyness is not going to happen overnight and needs determination and commitment to unlearn that behavior. But it can be achieved much quicker and easier than you would think. Certainly a lot quicker than most other methods that don’t do anything to dissolve your shyness. She did it and the last thing that people think I am now is too shy.

ACTING is the way! Even though it is the last thing a shy kid wanted to do – to perform in front of other people, to be expose and to make a fool of themselves

They discover that their greatest fear is the passage to their greatest freedom. ACTING set them free and set them on a life course that the had never dreamed they would follow.

ACTING requires stepping into the shoes of another character. It felt very strange at first, but the more they are able to imagine they are the other character, the easier it was.

They are not “being me”, the too shy girl or boy, they had become someone else.

As the character, they started doing saying things that the Too Shy kid would never say and do – and it is fun.

"We recommend you our ACTING PROGRAM"

THE ACTOR ACADEMY has a safe environment in which your children can gradually come out of the shell and experiment with new behaviors.

Many children have come into our studio absolutely frozen with fear, and by the end of the year have completely put shyness behind them. They find themselves participating just the same in the group as everyone else"

Maria Perera-TAA founder

How TAA ACTING PROGRAM can help your children?

Build Natural Confidence

Build a natural self-confidence that comes from a deep place within.

Banish Speaking Nerves

If speaking in front of groups or any situation when all eyes are on your child is their personal nightmare? They learn how to speak naturally delivering presentations at school, in family reunions and social groups – without stressing them out.

Overcome Shyness

They will say good-bye shyness, self-consciousness, social anxiety or the limiting aspects of being an introvert that is holding them back in their life.

Have More Fun

Are they too serious? They discover the playful person that lives inside them, and they learn how to play more in life. The program is designed to be fun and enjoyable

Become Socially Confident

They no longer will be stuck with being tongue-tied in social situations. They will learn how to meet challenging situations with confidence.

Support To Make Changes

In a friendly and informal atmosphere they will find a safe space to make changes, with others who are in the same boat as them - who are supporting them to the hilt.

Help you kid to discover the magic power to break old habits and create new patterns of confident behavior




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