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With the exponential growth and demand for video content by Netflix, Amazon and the emerging video streaming Platforms,Voice Acting, and dubbing from foreign languages into English, Spanish and many other languages is a growing area in the industry.


Do you want to be able to play the most fun characters using your Voice? We will give you the tools and light your way on this Intense and incredibly fun Journey.



Child Star

What is a Voice Actor?


Students will learn about the always growing Voice Acting Industry by finding and recognizing a character's Voice Print and exploring exercises to find their own inner voice actor.


Breathing and Recording 


They will learn breathing techniques and pick character's to start recording their first voice acting lines.


Lip Syncing ( Dubbing)


 Learning the technique to match lip movements and reactions of the original actor and language.


Voice Overs and Audition Process


Learning ADR/ Commercial/ Trailer/ Narration Voice Overs, and also  going deep into the audition process and character development.


Dubbing/VO Recording and Career Development


Students will record dubbing and ADR scenes, watch their work and discuss points of improvement and future steps into the voice acting business.

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